People of color are changing the way America does business.

The buying power of African-American and Latino consumers tops $1 trillion annually, and research indicates that these groups are also the fastest growing number of new small business owners. The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle’s entrepreneurship programming and services are designed to connect with small business owners, provide ongoing culturally relevant assistance to meet their operational needs, maintain a trusted community presence, and consistently provide opportunities for business growth & development. This includes but is not limited to

  • Identifying & providing funding opportunities (grants, loans, capital, etc.)
  • Technology support
  • Business planning (goal setting, growth strategy, marketing, staffing)
  • Training & skill development
  • Leadership
  • Finance Consultation
  • Credit & budgeting

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Entrepreneurship Excellence Program

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle’s Entrepreneurship Excellence Program is designed to develop and expand your small business by providing technical assistance and access to a network of resources to support the growth and sustainability of your business. Interest applications are accepted on a continuous basis.

Business intake applications open now!

The Entrepreneurship Excellence Program June Cohort consists of different workshops from various small business resource providers, totaling 20 hours (4 days/5 hours).

Each hour will be dedicated to a specific topic related to the necessities of running, maintaining and/or expanding a business.

The top five businesses that participate in the most workshops will receive a $2,000 grant that may be used to help their business.

If you are interested in the program, please RSVP by clicking the button below.

Special thank you to our partners for making this program possible: Seattle Medium, JPMorgan Chase, Small Business Administration (SBA), Bulle Consulting, Small Business Resiliency Network, KeyBank, Kaiser Permanente

June 27th (Monday) (5 hours): 

10:00AM-12:00PM: Your Financial Journey: Budgeting, Credit & Savings (JPMorgan & Chase) 

12:30PM-1:30PM: Navigating Cash Flow (JPMorgan & Chase) 

1:30PM-2:30PM: Power of Capital (JPMorgan & Chase) 

2:45PM-3:45PM: Seattle Medium: Analytics of Marketing 

June 28th (Tuesday) (5 hours): 

10:00AM-11:00AM: Personal Credit and Budgeting  

11:30AM-12:30PM: Navigating Cash Flow (JPMorgan & Chase) 

12:30PM-1:30PM: Power of Capital (JPMorgan & Chase) 

1:45PM- 2:45PM: SBA Representative  

3:00PM-4:00PM: Updating your Business Plans  

June 29th (Wednesday) (5 hours):  

10:00AM-12:00OM: Your Financial Journey: Budgeting, Credit & Savings (JPMorgan & Chase) 

12:30PM-1:30PM: SBA Representative 

1:45PM-3:45PM: Bulle Consulting: Capacity Building  

June 30th (Thursday) (5 hours): 

10:00AM-11:00PM: Seattle Medium: Analytics of Marketing 

11:00AM-12:00PM: Updating your Business Plans 

12:30PM-1:30PM: Personal Credit and Budgeting  

1:45PM-3:45PM: Bulle Consulting: Capacity Building 

local businesses

Black Business Directory

Supporting Black-owned businesses is an essential part of building economic strength within our communities. Use our ULMS Black Business directory to search more than 90 minority owned/operated businesses located in King County! Featured businesses come from a variety of industries, including food, retail, media, beauty, entertainment, and more!

Search the directory below:


Community Navigator Pilot Program

In partnership with National Urban League and Small Business Administration (SBA), the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle is working to help inform, educate, navigate and enroll small businesses in the region of the different programs and serves offered by the SBA.

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