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It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic hit Black people the most, and it highlighted the disparities that were already causing poor health outcomes in our community. In fact, the same inequities that make Black people more vulnerable to COVID-19 also lead them to having higher rates of most diseases and worst outcomes from cancer. If we know what widens health gaps, then we know what will close them. We’ve put together a second volume of our public health equity guide called Black Health Matters: Preventative Care & Screenings to help start conversations for change and empower people to be a health advocate for themselves and for their community!

Check out the first volume of our Black Health Matters guide: COVID-19 Vaccines & the Black Community!


Community Conversations: BIG Questions

For our second installment of Community Conversations, we had very special community members ask the questions that are MOST important to them about COVID-19 and the vaccine! Their voices may be small, but these are BIG questions– and we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Stephaun Wallace and Dr. Estell Williams to get the answers. These amazing doctors help make the confusing times we are in feel less scary.

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Health Insurance & Orca Lift Navigation

Black Lives Matter. Which means Black Health Matters too. 

The past two years have not been easy. Our community was hit hard by COVID-19 from the start.

It’s not just COVID-19 though… cancer, chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, affect Black and Brown communities worse than white counterparts.

We could go deep into why this is; medical mistrust, racism in healthcare, and social determinants of health (the conditions in which we live, learn, work, play, and age) — not to mention the systems that make up our society were not designed for Black people to thrive.

But we do have a say in changing our health outcomes. We do not have to settle for sub-par treatment. We deserve dignity and respect and the health care that makes us feel EMPOWERED! We deserve to be truly seen and given quality care so that we can live long, healthy, thriving lives.

That is why the ULMS Public Health team is here to help you find the health care you want and need. The first step, health insurance!!

Did you know: Black people in King County are 2 times less likely to have health insurance that white people and are also less likely to access preventative screenings that could save lives?

We want to change that!

Education is key, and our actions reflect our knowledge! That is why our Public Health Team are now Certified Health Navigators. We are excited to announce this role gives our team the ability to enroll community members into health insurance through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, as well as OrcaLift!

In Washington State, Medicaid is called Apple Health. Apple Health provides preventative care, like cancer screenings, treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and many other health care services.

You may be eligible for Apple Health for Adults coverage if you:

  • Are age 19 through 64.
  • Have annual household income at or below the Medicaid standard
  • Are a U.S. citizen or meet Medicaid immigration requirements.*
  • Are not entitled to Medicare.

*Note: if you are pregnant or a child (18 or under), citizenship status is not a factor. If you are income-eligible, you may qualify for Apple Health for Children or Apple Health for Pregnant people!

You can learn more about Apple Health here.

Please complete our ULMS Digital Intake form or contact our Public Health Team, at to set up a meeting! 

If you’re not eligible for Apple Health, don’t worry! You may qualify for help with your health insurance or for other health services like special enrollment into a Qualified Washington Health Plan. There are also many community clinics that will see you! Visit Washington Healthplanfinder or one of our Navigators can help you with your options. 

While we are working to address health outcomes today – our team is also fighting for systemic change at the policy level. Learn more about our Legislative Framework and stay in the loop about how you can take action on policies that uplift and promote change and racial equity in our state.


Order your FREE at-home COVID-19 test!

Each household in the U.S. can sign up to receive 4 at-home test kits delivered to their home. The tests are completely free. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days.

A student guide to in-person learning & the COVID-19 vaccine! 


50 FAQ Videos About the COVID-19 Vaccines by Black Health Professionals

Black and Latinx health care workers answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.


Why COVID-19 Has Hit the Black Community So Hard

The barbershop is where people go to fellowship and talk about social issues. Dr. Italo Brown and Dr. Cedric Rutland stop by their local barbershop to talk about COVID-19 and the vaccine; answering questions about how COVID has hit minority communities so hard and the vaccine’s safety.


Vaccination for the Kids: Q&A

Join Drs. Andrasik and Danielson for a program centered on the COVID-19 vaccines for children, community outreach and answers to your vaccine questions!


Black Lives Matter, which means Black Health Matters too.

Open, transparent conversations in our communities and public information sharing with one another is key to understanding the vaccines — especially if you’re unsure whether or not getting one truly is the right choice for you.

To help you sort through the vast pool of vaccine information currently available, we’ve narrowed down some of the most significant topics regarding COVID-19 vaccine perception amongst Black communities and put them all in one easy to understand vaccine guide: Black Health Matters: COVID-19 Vaccines & the Black Community!

Already received your first dose?


5 Things to Know About the COVID Vaccine and Pregnancy

OB/GYNs, a nurse and midwife on 5 things to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy, including safety, efficacy and why not to wait. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine protects you and your baby. 


COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation: Two Years Into the Pandemic

Zyna Bakari joins Z-Twins Radio to reflect on the past two years of the pandemic, talk about the process it took for her to pivot and lead ULMS efforts regarding COVID-19 vaccination, and analyze current vaccination stats for future vaccine education and outreach.


COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation: Education

Z-Twins Radio hosts a COVID-19 discussion with Christymarie Jackson and Zyna Bakari about ways to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation by sharing the right resources and spaces to learn more about the vaccines.


COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation: Outreach

Z-Twins Radio hosts a COVID-19 discussion with Fathiya Abdi and Zyna Bakari about vaccine outreach and providing vaccine access and incentives for the community.

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