The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle’s Capital Readiness Initiative aims to empower underrepresented minority small-business owners by providing tailored financial coaching and business support to prepare them in pursuing access capital and achieve sustainable business growth. This includes:

Entrepreneurs will receiveĀ  1:1 coaching sessions tailored to meet individual business owner’s specific needs and financial goals.

We work closely with entrepreneurs to develop customized financial strategies aligned with their business objectives, focusing on areas such as budgeting, cash flow management, and financial forecasting.

Learn how to leverage grant funding by connecting with financial coaching services (at no cost to eligible participants), ensuring accessibility and affordability for underrepresented minority entrepreneurs.

Participants gain access to a curated set of resources, including workshops, toolkits, and educational materials designed to enhance their financial literacy and business acumen.

We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate each participant’s readiness to access capital, identifying areas for improvement and guiding them through the preparation process.

Our program offers ongoing support and guidance beyond the initial coaching sessions, ensuring that participants have the resources and assistance they need to navigate financial challenges and seize growth opportunities.

This program unlocks the potential of underrepresented minority entrepreneurs through tailored financial guidance and strategic support — because every small business deserves the opportunity to flourish.

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Program Outcomes


Participants who complete the Capital Readiness Initiative will have strengthened their business development in a variety of ways. Below are just a few of the positive outcomes entrepreneurs who have finished the program will receive:

Participants gain a deeper understanding of financial concepts and practices essential for business success.

Entrepreneurs become better prepared to access capital, whether through loans, grants, or other funding opportunities.

By implementing tailored financial strategies and leveraging newfound knowledge and resources, participants are better equipped to achieve long-term business growth and stability.


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