A criminal history can limit opportunities for employment, housing, and exercising your right to vote.

Prepared by our Advocacy & Civic Engagement department, the following ‘Voting & Vacating Criminal Records’ workbook was designed to help inform you of your voters rights (no matter your current circumstances) and guide you in navigating and understanding the process of vacating a criminal record in the state of Washington.

If you or a loved one has a criminal record in King County, our hope is to equip you with the resources and confidence you need to finally and legally say ‘no’ when faced with the question “Do you have a criminal history?”  

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Criminal Record Expungement Pre-screening

Do you have a criminal conviction in King County? Is it inhibiting your employment or housing opportunities? We may be able to help you! To get started, please complete and submit the following form below.

RESTRICTIONS: this service is only valid for King County, WA convictions.