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ULMS Adjustments Amidst COVID-19 Concerns

Written by President & CEO, Michelle Merriweather

First and foremost, my heart goes out to those that have directly been impacted in this crisis. I also want to thank our leaders who are providing clear direction and information through these times of uncertainty. A special thanks to the businesses and foundations who have stepped up and made a financial contribution to support hourly employees, gig workers, small businesses, and communities that are most impacted by this crisis. You all are demonstrating to the world that Seattle and King County truly are global leaders not only in business but for leading through a crisis. The Urban League stands with you!

For decades, the Urban League has been on the front lines in a crisis. We have been, and remain, a place of solace, refuge, and support for our most vulnerable communities, families, and people. We are committed to supporting our community, especially our most vulnerable through this!! The Urban League has historically been the place that people have gone to for support, encouragement, resources, and trust at times of uncertainty. Ms. Taylor, our VP of Housing and longest-serving employee, often talks about how we have been the place to go when they have no home, on the verge of losing their home, or the place when they need a job training or someone to advocate for them. The Urban League has been there to serve when our community is at its lowest! It has never mattered what the crisis was, the systematic oppression remains constant for those most vulnerable.

Today, in the midst of this uncertainty will be no different.
We may not be the hospital, but we are and will remain first responders for our most vulnerable. To that end, we want to share with you all that our doors are still open, but we will be working on an alternative work schedule to ensure that we abide by our Governor, Mayor, and Public Health’s recommendations of social distancing.

If you are in need of resources, we recommend that you call and make an appointment (206) 461-3792 and press 0 to speak with the receptionist. Our “walk-in hours” for the next 2 weeks are 10am-3pm Monday through Friday. We will gladly work with you via phone as best as we can if you are exhibiting any signs of illness to assist you with information to save your home, find you a place to sleep or connect to job opportunities.

Please exercise all of the health precautions that have been shared by our public health officials. In addition, please find ways to support our local businesses, nonprofits, and entities and vulnerable families and individuals that are struggling through this crisis, including considering committing a financial gift to nonprofits that have had to cancel their important fundraisers or donating blood to organizations like Bloodworks. Let us continue to stand together and work together through this.

Together, we will get through this!

Yours in the Movement,

 Michelle Y. Merriweather

President & CEO