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State Lawmakers are in Session

What 2020 taught all of us and what we are doing to advocate for our community.

Unprecedented. Resurgence. Tumultuous.

We have all heard these words used repeatedly to describe 2020. Whether referring to a global pandemic, the increased visibility of police violence, or exacerbated inequalities, those most vulnerable have continued to experience the most significant harm. Through connections with our staff and the participants in our programs, the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle (ULMS) has seen disparities within Black families, youth, and adults as more than just statistics; we know them by name and experiences.

For 90 years, we at ULMS have provided direct service for those needing assistance with housing, career assistance, education, reentry, and more. Now in 2021, ULMS is collaborating with the Tacoma Urban League (TUL) to take action in key legislation that would benefit the Black community in the Puget Sound region. In addition to advocating on their behalf, we hope to empower our community to talk to lawmakers about issues that matter to them.

When it comes to policy, we believe the necessary steps toward systemic change and racial equality fall under four priorities:

  • 1) Investing in Communities
  • 2) Equitable Criminal Legal System
  • 3) Fair Political Representation, and
  • 4) Education and Youth Program Investment.

 ULMS and TUL believe that getting direct cash to those who need it most, keeping police and correctional officers accountable, and expanding the access to vote are steps in the right direction. To find the full list of the legislation we are advocating and supporting this year, check out our website under “2021 Legislative Framework“.

It will take all of us using our voices to tell lawmakers what is needed for our community to feel safe and thrive in Washington State. If you would like to receive updates and alerts for our Legislative Framework progress or contact your lawmakers, sign up here or text ULMS to 528-86.

Together, we can build equity for all.

Written by ULMS Staff, Maya Manus,