The G.R.O.O.M. Credible Messenger Mentorship program is a transformational process in which trained community leaders from diverse backgrounds work to engage both pre and post adjudicated young adults in positive, structured and intentional relationships.

G.R.O.O.M utilizes tools such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) journaling, Motivational Interviewing (MI), community service, civic engagements and pro-social activities that help them change their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.

In each Transformative Mentoring group, a team of Credible Messenger mentors facilitate a curriculum based lesson or activity. The curriculum is based on seven pillars/ themes that make up the Covenant of Peace:

  • What Love Looks Like
  • My Life Matters
  • The Act of Forgiveness
  • My Family is My All
  • My Word is My Bond
  • The Impact of Absence 
  • The Power of the Tongue

Group sessions cover a curriculum modules and provide youth with opportunities for engagement in a community service project or educational experience.

The G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger Mentorship program was designed to focus on community based programming and serve as a bridge between youth, their families, and the juvenile court system through outreach, engagement and other supportive services with the following three goals in mind:

  1. Connect young adults to services, supports, and resources that help them reach their goals and developmental milestones;

  2. Engage participants in positive, developmentally appropriate and structured activities that compliment and enhance public safety; and,
  3. Invest directly in local human resources that are accessible and dedicated to strengthening young people and their families to create safer and stronger communities moving forward.

The G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger program was designed to meet the following outcomes:

  • Increase participants success in education and/or school retention/reengagement by making progress upon individualized goals outlined in personalized assessment plan

  • Increase participants enrollment into post-secondary education and/or placement into employment

  • Increase pro-social engagement activities

  • Decrease negative law enforcement contact and justice involvement for youth participating in program

G.R.O.O.M. Credible Messenger mentors are individuals who come from similar backgrounds and have had similar experiences as the young adults they engage. Because of this, G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger mentors understand the unique needs and concerns of our students and  connect with these young adults in order to redirect and help them make successful life choices.

G.R.O.O.M. Credible Messengers are certified through an intensive 40 hour workshop in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Restorative Principals (RP), Positive Youth Development (PYD), engagement techniques and curriculum development.


In the words of Glenn Martin,

“Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. No movement for social justice has ever succeeded without the full participation and leadership of those most affected.”

G.R.O.O.M. Credible Messenger mentors provide a healthy and proven option in lowering recidivism, contributing to safer communities and healthier decision making.

The G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger program does not discriminate against race or gender. Participants only need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age 12 – 24

Additionally, G.R.O.O.M has a special focus on young adults in the King County/Seattle area who are either justice involved, at risk of justice involvement, or exhibit one or more of the following risks:

  • On probation or involved in the court system
  • Gang involvement or has significant ties (friends, close family members, etc.) to gang affiliates
  • On academic probation or behind in credits to graduate
  • From a low-income family or receives free or reduced lunch
  • Has a parent or siblings who are currently incarcerated 
  • Lives in a single-parent home or a non-relative
  • Has poor school attendance 
  • Has disciplinary issues in school or otherwise

Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. No movement for social justice has ever succeeded without the full participation and leadership of those most affected.”

Join G.R.O.O.M
Mentorship is just the beginning.

The G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger program is more than just a way to connect youth with intentional mentorship and guidance. In addition to structured one-on-one and group mentoring, participants will have access to an abundance of individual and family resources provided via the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle.

G.R.O.O.M connects our young adults to a consortium of community based partners/providers who then work collaboratively with each other to encourage our participants, expose them to avenues of college and career they may not have previously considered, and greatly increase the opportunities for social and community engagement.

In addition, G.R.O.O.M promotes a pro-social mentorship intervention style to uplift youth by establishing connections to local leaders (who they will see at the grocery store and other areas they frequent within the community) long after a work or school day are over, furthering our commitment to accountability in attitude and behavioral changes.

G.R.O.O.M provides family engagement support services which include employment and housing opportunities for families seeking economic stability and prosperity. Ensuring the success of these young adults is a TEAM effort, starting with a stable home environment. Parents are highly encouraged to take advantage of any of the outlined family wrap around services:

  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Assistance
  • Job Training Opportunities
  • Supportive Group Programming and Workshops aimed at building community, positive family unity, and improving those familial relationships

Professional Development is a key component of the G.R.O.O.M program model.

Adding value to our local community human resources, G.R.O.O.M Credible Messenger mentors strategically support exposure to college, career and professional development including (but not limited to):

  • Resume Assistance
  • Community Resource Navigation
  • Mock Job-Interviews
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Work Readiness
  • Graduation Goals
  • College Selection
  • College Application Assistance

Participants of the G.R.O.O.M Credible Messengers Mentorship program receive a $100 stipend every 90 days for consistent engagement and participation.