Who is eligible to receive a vaccine?

Vaccine eligibility in Washington State is currently determined by the our state’s Department of Health.

As of April 15, 2021:

All interested persons in the state of WA who are over the age of 18 are eligible to receive a vaccine. Those age 12-17 are permitted to receive the Pfizer vaccine only.

Vaccine FAQ

Here is a brief list of the most frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. For additional FAQs and more detailed information, please visit the WA State Department of Public health website by clicking the button below.

While taking a COVID-19 vaccination does not guarantee you will not contract the virus, there are several benefits to consider — including but not limited to:  

  • The vaccines can greatly reduce your chance of getting seriously ill, even if you get COVID-19
  • Completing the vaccine series reduces your chances of hospitalization and lowers your risk of dying from COVID-19  
  • They are highly effective at preventing COVID-19
  • They add to the number of people in the community who are protected from getting COVID-19 — making it harder for the disease to spread

Vaccinations for COVID-19 are free to anyone who wants to be vaccinated.

Yes, even if you get vaccinated, it’s highly recommended you continue to wear a mask, wash your hands often, stay six feet apart, and limit gatherings. Many people in our state will need to wait months to get the vaccine, and these prevention measures are recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to people who are not yet vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccines work well, but they are not 100% effective. Some people may get COVID-19 even if they’ve been vaccinated. Vaccine studies have focused mainly on whether the vaccine keeps you from getting COVID-19; they haven’t looked as much into whether the vaccine prevents you from spreading it to others. Until we know more, please continue your prevention measures. 

Don’t panic! As more and more people become vaccinated, the Department of Health will continue to expand the guidelines to include more groups. The goal is for everyone who wants to receive a vaccination to have the opportunity to do so by  May 31, 2021. If you do not currently meet the eligibility guidelines, keep checking this page or the WA State Department of Health website for more updates. 

If you previously had COVID-19, you are still recommended to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Data shows it is uncommon to be re-infected with COVID-19 in the 90 days after you were infected, so you might have some protection (called natural immunity). However, we don’t know how long natural immunity might last.

People who currently have COVID-19 should wait to get vaccinated until they feel better and their isolation period is finished, if possible.

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Local Vaccine Opportunities

The following is a list of current vaccination opportunities local to King County residents. 

ULMS Black Health Matters Vaccine Guide

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church
  • Vaccine Type: Pfizer
  • Dose 1: TBD
  • Dose 2: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: 19300 108th Ave SE
    Kent, WA 98031 (NBCF Main Campus)
  • Accessibility: Appointments preferred
African Americans Reach & Teach Health Ministry (AARTH)
  • Vaccine Type: Moderna or Pfizer
  • Accessibility: You will be notified of the next available vaccine clinic opportunity. 
Seattle Visiting Nurse Association
  • Vaccine Type: Moderna or Pfizer

Clinic Locations

  • North Seattle Vaccination Hub
City of Seattle
  • Vaccine Type: Moderna or Pfizer

Clinic Locations

  • The Lumen Field Event Center (330 S Royal Brougham Way, Seattle, WA 98134)
  • Rainier Beach Community Vaccination Hub (8702 Seward Park Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118)
  • West Seattle Community Vaccination Hub (2801 SW Thistle St, Seattle, WA 98126)

Get a vaccine location texted to your phone!

The White House launched a texting service for those who want to get the COVID-19 vaccine in their community. Those interested in the program can text their zip code to “GETVAX.” A response text will then send the person three vaccine sites that are close to them along with telephone numbers for making an appointment.

The White House also previously launched a new tool on where users can enter a zip code to find locations with COVID-19 doses in stock at pharmacies and other providers. 

Find a location via zip code


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