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The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle is dedicated to making an impact in our beloved communities. With your help, we can begin to restore the once coveted educational and employment programs that helped so many individuals climb the ladder of success.

Building from the ground up takes courage, patience, and leadership. But most of all it takes a team. Make an impact now and become a ULMS team member by donating below.


Support the Frances B. North Legacy Initiative by donating here:

Frances B. North Legacy Initiative honors the unforgettable life, work, service, and style of Frances B. North. The three components of this project give recognition to how she forged relationships and unity among the city of Seattle, the Seattle Public Schools and the business sector.

  1. Public Monument and City Proclamation: Establish a monument honoring her legacy in a public park and initiate a city proclamation.
  1. Endowment: Establish an endowment to provide educational scholarships to young African American women (scholarship toward education, plus a beauty certificate *clothing & hair)- uniting her place of worship and service, Mount Zion Baptist Church and the Seattle Public Schools.
  1. Historical Archive: Archive her lifework through public and educational institutions and develop curriculum based on her desegregation and community empowerment efforts.

 It is our hope that the Legacy Initiative organizing work itself carries the spirit of our beloved Frances B. North by bringing friends, relations, and colleagues of diverse religious faiths, racial, economic and cultural backgrounds together. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please email if interested in joining this labor of love. Thank you!

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